Our expertise goes far beyond the typical standard solutions available on the market.

Even for the most complex and challenging customer requirements, we find an economical solution by exploiting the full potential the market has to offer independent of any given manufacturer.

We boast our very own R&D department with its state-of-the-art equipment which makes live demonstrations possible as proof of the feasibility at the onset of a project. This “playroom” also allows our team of experts to be highly creative and innovative while keeping an eye on the technology of tomorrow and collaborating with a broad R&D network of companies and institutes.

Recent projects

  • Optical flow analysis of in-engine processes

    Research project funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation (AZ 896-09)

  • Method developed for the comprehensive characterization of polymer and ceramic foams focussing on cell closure recognition using imaging systems

    ZIM Cooperation project (KF3253301WM3)