Our imaging systems are as individual as our customers needs.

Regardless of the industry, our products answer a multitude of questions every single day. Our solutions contribute to zero defects and maximize product quality for an efficient and sustainable production.

As individual as our systems are they all have something in common – our experience and capability. This covers various markets and applications including extensive measurement and evaluation techniques. Nothing is pre-defined or tied to specific components or manufacturers leaving us a free hand to focus on the complete task in question.

Thanks to our toolkit of measurement and analysis methods, we are flexible in covering a broad range of applications. Improvement and further development ensure fast reaction to ever changing market requirements.

It goes without saying that continuous training for personnel and support are just as important as the product itself and are an integral part of our service. Bundled together with our capabilities they offer long life of the product and peace of mind for the customer with maximum ROI.

Goldlücke works on a turnkey package basis which also offers our customers a designated contact person throughout.

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Markets & applications

Typical applications:

  • 2D and 3D geometry
  • Automatic end of line check
  • Coating inspection
  • Completeness check
Typical applications:

  • Pin height and swash circumference inspection
  • Solder joint inspection
  • Placement and completeness check
Typical applications:

  • 2D and 3D geometry
  • Position analysis
  • Type recognition
Typical applications:

  • Pore analysis
  • Cavity detection
  • Surface analysis
Typical applications:

  • Spray analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • High-speed camera applications

Turnkey Test Stands

Tailored and from one source these fulfill the imaging tasks and also integrate seamlessly into the production environment – be that inline or stand alone. They boast high efficiency and offer uncomplicated operation.

Imaging Systems

Imaging systems belong to our core strengths. Based on our vast experience, high-tech lab and know-how, customer solutions benefit not only from our flexibility of being independent of any given component manufacturer but also from our ability to “see it all” as a supplier of complete solutions.

„Measurements on order“ are an ideal service addition for customers not wishing to invest in imaging equipment themselves but simply require results periodically.

Feasibility Studies

Customer requirements are so challenging that standard solutions no longer suffice. Proof of the feasibility is the live demo at the onset of the project and is made possible by having our very own R&D department. This in turn offers the customer peace of mind right down the line.

Goldluecke Ingenieurleistungen


A challenging task lies in the quality assurance and the further development of non-homogeneous porous materials. Our PORE!SCAN systems are the standard across all industries. This allows both surface and structural characteristics of porous elastomer materials and foams to be determined.